Let freedom be cherished that learning may flourish.

About Us

Davidsonians for Freedom of Thought & Discourse (DFTD) originated in 2018 with the mission of promoting free speech and expression, open debate, viewpoint diversity, and ideological balance at Davidson College. A parallel goal is ensuring that the College maintains its once uncontested high pedagogical standards. DFTD is an alumni/ae organization, its membership including some of Davidson’s leading alumni/ae—current and former elected federal and state officials, successful businessmen, nonprofit executives, prominent intellectuals, and journalists. 

DFTD stands up for the free speech rights of ALL—progressives, moderates, and conservatives if we see free speech or expression being threatened or denied. 

DFTD aims to bring to the College administration’s and Trustees’ attention specific developments on campus that impede free expression, open debate, or academic freedom, and to hold the administration and Trustees accountable. All Davidsonians—alumni, faculty, staff, students, and parents of students—are welcome to participate in the activities of DFTD.

DFTD is an incorporated 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization eligible for tax deductible contributions to support its work.