Let freedom be cherished that learning may flourish.

How to Join

  • Free speech and ideological balance issues at Davidson will be addressed only if numerous alumni/ae are aware of the direction that Davidson is now headed and step forward to push back.  DFTD exists to provide alumni who are concerned about the College’s future with a facility for responding to the challenge.
  • To that end, we need your support. Most importantly, we need alumni to sign up as members of DFTD. The greater and the more broadly representative the number of alumni who publicly join as members, the more leverage we will have in working with the Trustees and administration to redress current imbalances. So please join us.
  • Alumni and community members who would like to join us as members of DFTD and receive newsletters and updates, please submit your information via this webform. Alumni's name and class year will be listed on the members roster, but all contact information including your email address will not be listed publicly.