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Davidson Freedom Roundup

The on-line journal of DFTD reports on free speech and discourse and ideological balance issues at Davidson and serves as a clearing house for reports and articles nationwide illuminating the situation on other campuses, articulating the campus free speech cause, or proposing remedies to address the nationwide threat to free speech and open discourse on higher education campuses. In the interest of an informed and open dialogue, we encourage signed letters to the editor, and will consider, as well, original articles on free speech and ideological balance issues.

The College Fix

Education watchdog says more donors are voting with their wallets: ‘They should know they aren’t walking checkbooks’

The American Council of Trustees and Alumni recently conducted a survey that revealed a majority of major donors to Davidson College are dissatisfied with the growing ideological imbalance and intolerance of free speech the college has taken in the last decade.

Wall Street Journal

America’s top scientists warn about the political erosion of education standards.

The last few years have seen a proliferation of “open letters” by academics in politics and the humanities in favor of progressive causes. The hard sciences are different, and when mathematicians, physicists and engineers speak up to defend the integrity of their fields, Americans should pay attention.

Alumni Withhold Donations, Demand Colleges Enforce Free Speech

Alumni Withhold Donations, Demand Colleges Enforce Free Speech

Some baby boomers push back against what they see as liberal indoctrination at their schools

This fall, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology disinvited a geophysicist from speaking at the school because of his views.

Hampden-Sydney College website

Two hundred forty-six years ago today, Hampden-Sydney College held its first classes. Founded on the eve of the American Revolution “to form good men and good citizens” who would be the leaders of the new Republic, the College and its mission remain as important and relevant today as they were on November 10, 1775. This College has thrived for nearly two and a half centuries, in part, because of our commitment to freedom of expression and civil discourse.

City Journal

Goodbye, MIT

As the university increasingly caves to “wokeness,” two alumni explain why they are withdrawing their financial support.

Tom Hafer Henry I. Miller

Wall Street Journal

How ‘Diversity’ Turned Tyrannical

What began as an effort to hire more minorities has turned into a demand for ideological engagement.

By Lawrence Krauss

Alumni speak out against college cancel culture on 'Fox & Friends': Free speech defenders 'outnumbered'

Alumni speak out against college cancel culture on 'Fox & Friends': Free speech defenders 'outnumbered'

As many as 80% of students censor their beliefs according to a FIRE survey

Alumni Unite For Freedom Of Speech

Many left-of-center professors now realize that they too can be brutally canceled by the mob.

New York Times

Last November, Dorian Abbot, a geophysicist at the University of Chicago, posted a series of slide presentations on YouTube making a case against the use of group identity as a primary criterion in selection processes. He was immediately targeted for cancellation.