Let freedom be cherished that learning may flourish.

Davidson Commitment to Freedom of Expression

On March 2, 2023, the Faculty of Davidson College affirmed the Davidson College Commitment to Freedom of Expression Statement. In informing the Davidson College community of this landmark event, President Douglas Hicks said

"Drafted by a working group from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, the statement builds upon our devotion to an environment of open inquiry, debate and mutual learning.  

This achievement toward common ground reflects the hope and optimism that always have thrived at Davidson. The faculty made adjustments to the document in a step toward inclusion, and the working group embraced those changes. I want to thank the members of the working group: Professor Ike Bailey ’95, Professor Susan Roberts, former Governor Jim Martin ’57, Trustee Beadsie Woo ’86, student Varun Maheshwari ’23 and student-now-alum Jared Herr ’22. I also want to thank President Emerita Carol Quillen for convening this group and offering their charge.

And I want to thank the faculty for affirming this commitment to create an environment where everyone participates in the exchange of ideas and can learn freely, regardless of their identity. This is a cornerstone of striving together toward an inclusive and equitable community."

Since its formation in 2018, a cornerstone objective of DFTD has been adoption and vigorous activation by the College of the Chicago Principles of Freedom of Expression. We are extremely pleased with the Commitment, which states that “The best way to ensure progression is to recognize that true inclusion and true free speech are interdependent.”

The College has taken a great step, and we look forward to seeing the principles in the affirmed statement fully implemented throughout life in the College community.

The College’s announcement of the Statement is at https://www.davidson.edu/news/2023/03/06/commitment-strengthens-colleges-support-free-expression.